Riceboro, Georgia part of the Hinesville-Fort Stewart Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is named because if its history of being home to several well-known rice plantations; one in particular which still exists, The Lecounte Woodmanston Plantation.

The rice culture and the people who labored to ensure the viability of the fledgling colony and state are still evident in the culture of the town. Leaders and residents continue to work to prepare the community for the impacts of population growth while maintaining a unique sense of identity that is true to the City’s history and inherent African-American culture.

As of 2014, Riceboro’s population is 1,074 people. Since 2000, it has had a population growth of 28.47 percent in the 11.4 square mile area. No matter how big or small, the City of Riceboro will always be a City of Pride.

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