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Parade Entry Rules

Entrants must observe all applicable rules and regulations and follow instructions from police and parade officials or be barred from the parade.  The RiceFest Parade Committee reserves the right to remove any entrant from the parade either prior to assembly, while assembling, or any time during the parade for failure to follow rules.


No marching unit may stop forward motion for performances except in the areas designated by the Rotary Parade Committee.  This stop may not exceed 90 seconds.

A space of 40 feet between each unit will be enforced. All units are required to close gap between units when instructed by parade officials.  

Alcoholic beverages are forbidden on any float, in any vehicle, or on the person of any participant. Participants consuming alcohol prior to or during the parade will be removed from the lineup.  All city, county, and Georgia state statues concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages will be strictly enforced by the police before, during, and after the parade.

Drivers of any and all vehicles in the parade areas must possess a valid driver’s license, be at least 18 years old, and possess all liability vehicle insurance.

Livestock, reptiles, wild and domestic animals shall not be in the parade unless special written approval by the RiceFest Parade Committee is obtained.  If approval is granted, all animals must have someone to clean up manure, if necessary, along the parade route.

Use of high intensity sound making devices is strongly discouraged. Only music with no profanity or vulgar content will be allowed. Parade officials have the complete authority in this matter and reserve the right to withdraw any unit that does not comply with their instructions to turn down or turn off sound when instructed to do so. Failure to comply with the officials’ instructions will result in immediate removal from the parade and jeopardize future participation. 

The RiceFest Parade Committee reserves the right to withdraw any unit of which wardrobe, costume, or performance does not conform to the standards of reasonable public taste and fit the RiceFest parade. This includes nudity, revealing attire, promotion of vulgar languages or obscenities, among other things.

Political campaigning is not permitted.

The RiceFest Parade Committee does not accept the responsibility for travel, food, or lodging expense of any unit.


Vehicles will not be allowed in the parade unless pulling a float or providing transportation for pageant entrants.  Exceptions will be considered for antique vehicles and other organized specialty car groups with prior approval.Float platforms should be at least 7 feet wide and 15 feet long with a fixed axle at/near the rear and a steer able axle at the front. Farm wagons make excellent platforms. No decorations and or float construction material may protrude from the side of the float.  All electrical devices must be properly grounded.  No participants may jump on a float to ride and not interfere with any other unit in any way.  No participants will dismount from a float during the parade route. Participants will not have body parts, particularly legs and feet, extending past the sides, front or rear of the float.  The aforementioned are extreme safety hazards.


All marching units must maintain forward motion. Routines that cause excessive gaps are not be permitted. No unit may stop forward motion to perform except in the 3 areas designated by the RiceFest Parade Committee. Performance stops may not last more than 90 seconds. If for any reason a gap of greater than 40 feet is created, marching units must increase their pace to close the gap. All members of any marching unit should be at least 10 years old. 


Lineup will begin at 8 a.m. All entries will be assigned a line-up number and receive further instructions about the parade upon receipt and approval of the application.


The parade will start from the assembly area at the Riceboro Youth Center on U.S. Highway 17/Coastal Highway at 9 a.m. It will continue up South Coastal Highway past Riceboro City Hall and end at Jones Street across from Riceboro Church of God.  All floats will exit on Jones Street.


Please complete the form below if you agree to the parade rules above.

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